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Abram Stone is drinking whiskey alone outside when he is approached by an apparition. The figure claims to be Jesus (but it is actually Satan) and has some bad news for Abram.


By the fire, a jar of whiskey, and a banjo on my knee
Oh this is all any man should need
But there's an emptiness, a longing in my heart
And I've been spending all my time praying
For a new day a new life
What I'm given never will suffice

Wait and see? Why must I wait and see?
Oh Father up above answer me

Oh my son, I've heard your prayers, and I've come to help you out
Now you must listen to your messiah, to the one true Jesus Christ

It's gonna be a long ride and though you'll make it out alive
It breaks my fucking heart to have to tell you
That I cannot say the same for your beloved wife

In her womb dwells the son of the morning star

Oh, this means the end my boy, but there's still time to save us
As she sleeps this very night you've got to end her life it's the only way

Oh no, this cannot be the truth I refuse to believe your words
You ask too much of me
But if you're who you say, then this is the way it must be
I know my name

Yes, go forth my son
And my kingdom come
And my will be done here on Earth as it is in...

Hell, I'd do anything that the lord asks of me
Forgive me for my doubts, your voice truly is the voice of
God damn, salvation rests in my hands
But I won't let you down, I will swear that on my wife's grave.


from Blood & Banjos, released November 18, 2014



all rights reserved


Blood & Banjos Cheboygan, Michigan

Blood & Banjos is an international music collective with the goal of combining two drastically different musical genres into one epic story album.

This project has been a 3 year journey, funded by Kickstarter supporters, that is completely chronicled on our blog.
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