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Abram returns to his property to find his wife, undead and with a newborn babe.


Do my own eyes deceive me?
My wife, once dead, now walks
I believe I did this right, I trust I watched you die

Say no more boy, I've forgiven you
Just come along and look upon your son, you're gonna fall in love
Now it is plain to see this miracle was surely meant to be

The blood still wet on my hands, too real to be a dream
Has my work been all for naught, or was this God's plan for me?

Say no more boy, I've forgiven you
Come rest your head boy, I know what to do

Let's pack our bags and take the southern train to find a brand new home
We'll settle down into a quiet town that we can call our own
We'll raise our son into the man that he ought to be
The world will see that we are once again a family

Wait a minute something's amiss
You almost had me there I confess
To God's own word I must stay true
With this my banjo I'll end you

Into the jaws of hell I send you again with a kiss on the cheek from my steel strings
Broken into two, my instrument and you, I'll find another way to eradicate this spawn of Satan

And yet, I hesitate
For I alone decide my fate
God may have sacrificed his son, but I am going to raise this one


from Blood & Banjos, released November 18, 2014



all rights reserved


Blood & Banjos Cheboygan, Michigan

Blood & Banjos is an international music collective with the goal of combining two drastically different musical genres into one epic story album.

This project has been a 3 year journey, funded by Kickstarter supporters, that is completely chronicled on our blog.
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