Draw Down the Moonshine

from by Blood & Banjos



Abram struggles with his newfound destiny, but somehow finds the strength to carry it as far as necessary.


Tonight, this life I've taken
One final look around
This jug, these hands
Are empty once again

It's time to take this fate bestowed upon me to the next step
I know that Jesus would be proud
(or was it Satan?)
I can't recall...
What it's like to want to taste the rain or lean into the evening breeze
I know that all things must come to change
but, goddamn, if I could see where life was taking me

But have I done what is right?
Dear God, I believe that I might

I've accomplished this holy feat
But something's telling me that my job is still incomplete
Maybe this curse runs deeper in her blood
I must prevent my sleeping children from waking up

Oh Lord I know my next task
Your will, my hands, this axe
No demon will become of my young
No need to ask me, my savior, it's done

Close your eyes and go back to sleep
Ignore the cries of your brother he's had a bad dream

I'll be right there, I promise, just wait your turn
I'll send you both to your mother, together you'll burn

Oh, how it feels to be just in one's deeds

There's something about this that feels so right
I can't believe it's taken me this long to see the light
I'll find more demons to slaughter and trust me I can

I am God's hand


from Blood & Banjos, released November 18, 2014



all rights reserved


Blood & Banjos Cheboygan, Michigan

Blood & Banjos is an international music collective with the goal of combining two drastically different musical genres into one epic story album.

This project has been a 3 year journey, funded by Kickstarter supporters, that is completely chronicled on our blog.
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