It is Satan's cue to begin the apocalypse, but when Abram learns that he has been deceived this entire time, he decides that vengeance will be his new purpose.


Mount up
Our time to shine has finally arrived
Round them up
We've got an apocalypse to attend

Cut down all who dare to stand in our way
This caravan stops at nothing, for no one
Abram Stone has just cleared our path to
The brightest future that we will ever know

I've tried my best, oh Lord, for you

Lucifer, that is my true name
Fool, you are, just another pawn in this game

I should have known
Oh why did this happen, how could I have been so damn blind?
But where has God been?
He has forsaken me, I've been hung out to dry

God wants nothing to do with you or your petty prayers
I have come to bring about what you truly deserve
Stand aside, there's nothing you can do now
Can't you see the approaching cloud?

For forty days and forty nights death will rain upon the land
And plague will eradicate them all
The seas turn to black and a darkness will prevail
While innocent blood fuels our machine

I will become more powerful than God and his son
I will take us to the depths where we all belong

I can see now that I am all alone
God has abandoned me and they've destroyed my home
But you're mistaken if you believe that I've forgotten what you did to me

Eye for an eye
Tooth for a fucking tooth
I will find a way to meet again one day

Go ahead and try
But I hope you're prepared to die
If that is your true wish, if this is your desire
Then I'd be thrilled to oblige

You underestimate me
You and God will pay
Oh, just wait and see
What's about to come your way

I'm gonna raise your son
Fuck your armageddon!
I will raise my son

Lucifer, I know were you live
Lucifer, I bet you bleed just fine (and you will)
Lucifer, you're next

Cry no more, my son
Better days are on the horizon
You will see your mother again
When we pry her out of God's dying hands

Nations will crumble at our feet
Heaven and hell will lay in ruins
We will be kings with no one left to steal our crowns

Take up arms, lead us all
Be proud my son, stand tall
Play your song for us all
Blow your horn, break these walls


from Blood & Banjos, released November 18, 2014



all rights reserved


Blood & Banjos Cheboygan, Michigan

Blood & Banjos is an international music collective with the goal of combining two drastically different musical genres into one epic story album.

This project has been a 3 year journey, funded by Kickstarter supporters, that is completely chronicled on our blog.
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